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ABOUT / 關於

TRANLIAGRAPHY is founded by Amelia Tran-Bencio, a bubble milk tea connoisseur who promotes language and culture preservation, while helping millennials bridge generation gaps meaningfully and creatively through Chinese calligraphy. Like millions of other kids, she grew up incredibly confused with a Vietnamese surname, but is Australian-born Chinese.
Amelia helps modern Asian millennials and Chinese culture enthusiasts, to strengthen and improve the quality of their relationships with themselves and others, one stroke at a time. Amelia has collaborated with reputable brands, including Prada, Tiffany & Co, Fendi, Dior, ALAND, Westfield and Twitter in providing professional Chinese calligraphy services.
Likewise, she is the face behind Sail To Survive 《渡海求生》a mini series of English translated passages from the true events documented in her father's 40 year-old Vietnamese Refugee journal.These entries were chosen and expressed in Chinese calligraphy, to showcase her appreciation for not only her father's fine penmanship, but commemorating sailing to survive.